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Flips To Profits Mastermind (Coming Soon)

Flip The Game, Flip Your Mind & Learn How To Build The Capital You Need To Invest In Your First or Next Real Estate Portfolio

What Is The Flip To Profits

A Mastermind Tribe To Flip Your Mind

A mastermind that truely begins with your mind.. It's more than "FLIPPING" houses! The real "FLIP" to profits is your mentality, your focus, your hunger & determination. Once you can "FLIP" those things, you can transform anything in your life into the success you dreamed of!

Only A Few Students Will Be Accepted In This Program

This is an EXCLUSIVE Mastermind

The Fact Is Simple - YOU Do Need Money To Invest In Real Estate


I want to help you master the exact process that I have used to flip over 100 properties in the last 4 years while creating a net five figure monthly rental income. This is NOT your average mastermind program because you will be spending 2 days each week with me for 5 weeks DOING THE WORK. This means that I am EXPECTING you to show up for yourself, execute and take immediate actions on what we will be discussing because in this mastermind, ONLY RESULTS COUNTS.

Here Are Some Things You'll Master

This course curriculum is a combination of 10 courses that will be taught live twice a week over 5 weeks.

  • Master the TOP SIX numbers I review before accepting any flip offers.

  • Master your ACCESS to both private & hard lenders and your SCOPE OF WORK

  • Master how to effectively FIND & ANALYZE every deal

  • Master your contractors and CONTROL THE MONEY

  • Master advanced negotiations to allow you MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS from every deal

  • Master the current market cycle and how to find your DEALS IN ANY MARKET

  • Master YOUR STARTING FIVE FLIP TEAM that you will learn to have them work for you.

  • Master a SYSTEMATIC WAY to increase the value of your flips & reduce your rehab costs.

  • And so much more