Who Is This Course For?

This course is for those that aspire to build wealth through flipping real estate and you are just getting started on your journey. This course will be very real and unfiltered so that it can show you the ropes of how to get started with the right mindset so that you are not taken advantaged. 

Through this course you will learn the exact process and steps that I have used to flip over 125 properties in the last 5 years. I will walk you through how you will find your first flip through the traditional method already available to you, how to work with a realtor, funding your deal, working with a hard money lender, placing your offer and properly estimating your rehab cost. 

This course is created to give a new flipper the introductory steps needed to be successful and the experienced flipper an edge to successfully dominating the market.

Some Of The Biggest Takeaways

These are the actual responses from people that have completed the course

  • How to effectively make an offer on a property.

  • How to buy right and hard money lending process

  • Knowing your numbers and how to execute your budget.

  • How to effectively analyze your ARV

  • Learning to purchase the property the right way..

  • The thorough step by step breakdowns

Course Breakdown

  • 01

    Welcome To The Course

    • About The Instructor

  • 02


  • 03

    Module One - Your Money Play

    • Your Location vs Your Budget

    • Financing Your Deal

    • Before Investing

    • Interview w/ Hard Money Lender

  • 04

    Module Two - Pricing & Bidding

    • Finding The Right Realtor

    • Project Research

    • Rehab Cost

    • Be Firm

  • 05

    Module Three - Your Offer

    • Your Maximum Value Offer

    • Offer Like A Pro

    • Your Accepted Offer

  • 06

    Module Four - Getting Legal

    • Getting Legal

    • Ownership

  • 07


    • Ideal First Flip Property (1)

    • Ideal First Flip Property (2)

  • 08

    Conclusion - Next Steps

    • Next Steps

    • Penny For Your Thoughts

  • 09

    Webinar Q&A Replay - 8/18/2021

    • Qs. Finding The Flip

    • Qs. Partnering With Realtor & Using MLS

    • Qs. Funding, Budgeting & ARV's

    • Qs. The Ride Along & General Contractors

    • Qs. Losing Money, & Hard Money Lenders

    • Qs. Cash Flow & Comps

    • Qs. Finding A Market