About This Course

This course is not about house hacking it's about building a rental portfolio using my specific steps to protect your investment. Here's what you'll learn

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and updates in the course

  • How to understand your flip vs rental numbers

  • Breakdown how to build your Money Team

  • How to setup each team member to work for you and how to find them

  • How to look for profitable properties and where to find them

  • How to evaluate the properties with examples

  • How to raise rent on your property

  • Property management & Ownership

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.

Course Bonus (Over $3,600 Value)

During the pre-sell time, this rental course comes with these additional courses

  • 30 Day Access To 7 Mentorship Courses ($3141 value)

    Get access to 7 VIP live courses to learn how to Deal With Contractors, Build Your Money Team, Dive Deeper On Flipping For Profits and more..

  • Academy Accelerator ($497 Value)

    Get immediate access to over 40 hours of real estate content using a keyword search-ability function for answers to some of your pressing questions

  • Private Community Access (Priceless)

    Access to private pop-up zoom trainings to learn from the growing mentorship community.